On this page: Examples of websites, images and maps from mpws.

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Experience Nature link
Experience Nature
Dovecote Veiw link
Dovecote View
Smart Images link
Smart Images
North Buckham Farm link
North Buckham Farm
Survivalphotos link
Survival photos
Komit Kompost link
Komit Kompost
Edo Schmidt Photography link
Edo Schmidt
Kittwhistle Garage link
Kittwhistle Garage
Lower Wraxall link
Lower Wraxall Farmhouse
Beaminster Badgers link
Beaminster Badgers
Old School Gables link
Old School Gables
Drimpton village website link
Drimpton Village


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The cost of converting any photographs that you provide into internet quality images is included in the price of a new website. If you do not have suitable images I can supply library images to order or take photographs specially for you. The cost of these services will depend on your requirements. Contact me for an estimate.

Staff image
Pictures of your staff
Business image
Pictures of your business
Products image
Pictures of your products
Work image
Pictures of your work
Location image
Pictures of your location
Projects image
Pictures of your projects


Individually designed maps:
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Staff image
Example of a street map
Business image
Example of a road map
Products image
Example of a county map